Gene Eldridge: President and CEO. Gene oversees all aspects of executive management including business development, estimation, and contract negotiation. He possesses executive competencies from strategic planning through operations management. He has more than 20 years of experience in commercial and industrial construction, and his experience in executive management, business development, and marketing is extensive.

Gary Hutchison: Director of Operations. Gary oversees all work being performed by Inouii crews or contractors. He is responsible for safety, supervision of shop employees, production efficiency, and quality control. Gary has spent 24 years welding alloys in all conditions. Gary personally inspects every item before it leaves our shop.

Giovanna Hutchison: Chief Administrative Officer. Gio is responsible for inner and inter-office duties on behalf of Mr. Eldridge and Mr. Hutchison. She performs business administration and daily accounting tasks as needed, conducts sales/marketing research, and handles contract administration. She has over 18 years of executive management experience including 10 years as CEO.

April Eldridge: Chief Financial Officer. April oversees all accounting procedures including: cost analysis, budget forecasting, monitoring of all accounts, supervision of all accounting tasks, and coordination with CPA on all tax matters and economic strategy. April has 16 years of accounting experience including 6 years as a successful business owner. Her grasp of finances and talent for financial strategy will assure that we continue to keep our financial goals in focus and enable us to achieve a higher level of success.

Each of our officers plays an integral role at Inouii. Our team has diverse abilities and experience, and each member functions within their area of expertise. Our shop personnel possess exceptional skill but are always improving and broadening their range of abilities. We create and maintain an environment of empowerment, innovation, and accountability by creating incentives for quality and production.

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