The Essential Shared Value of our company is to perform with Honesty and Integrity, which are part of the fundamental pillars of Inouii. Our experience gives us the confidence to tackle some of the most challenging projects in the industry and allows us to guarantee the quality of our welding and pipeline services. The management team consisting of experienced professionals with diverse business and technical backgrounds are as follows:

Giovanna Hutchison is our Chief Administrative Officer. Giovanna oversees all aspects of executive management including business development. She possesses decision-making competencies that include but not limited to strategic planning, operations management, and tasks related to legal, financial, accounting, and administrative areas.

Gary Hutchison is our Chief Operations Officer. Gary has spent more than 26 years in the piping industry, welding in all conditions. Gary personally approves every item before it is delivered to the customer. His skills and experience are the cornerstones of our Welding Services (Piping Services). Gary oversees all work being performed by Inouii. He is responsible for ensuring our clients being pleased with the services we provide.

Gregg Ueding is our Project Manager, overseeing our welding, fabrication, and installation. He has been in this industry for over 30 years and has over 13 years of management experience, estimating, and contract negotiation. His skills are an asset to ensure all projects are executed properly.

Devin Hutchison is our Quality Control Manager, a Certified Welder and a Certified Welding Inspector. His skills and knowledge allow him to fully understand what a quality weld and quality projects are all about in order to deliver a complete quality package to our clients. Devin is responsible for guaranteeing that the totality of every project meets the highest standards for both Inouii and our customers.

Summer Barnhill is our Safety Manager. With backgrounds in multiple industrial fields she brings an in-depth view of how to keep our team safe. There are many more things to be said about Summer, but we like to keep it short by saying that our safety record speaks explicitly for Miss. Barnhill’s performance.