Core Values

Inouii Alloy Fabrication, Inc. emerged as an idea of Giovanna Hutchison in March 2013.   Inouii was formally created as an extension of Gary Hutchison Welding Services on July 30, 2013. Gary has been a welder and fabricator for more than 25 years. Since July 15, 2014, Gary and Gio Hutchison are the owners of this Texas Corporation. 


Since 1997 Gary has lived his life centered on biblical principles and people, which has transcended his personal life to be part of Inouii’s core values.   


We respect the law, and we act according to our beliefs, customs, values, and social norms, respecting the truth and having enormous respect for our neighbor.

Honesty, integrity, justice, fairness, and impartiality drive our actions, and the services provided by our company should be identified by these values.


We are committed with our clients to pursuing excellence while we:

  • Provide the highest quality possible while maintaining safety, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Meet our customers' needs with a positive attitude and professional conduct.
  • Contribute to the well-being of our team members by providing performance-based compensation, a healthy work environment, and continuing education in our field.
  • Improve our industry by continuing to push the boundaries of quality and performance through efficient production methods, innovation, and education.


Gary's understanding of American workers' hearts and minds has been essential in the construction of the most important pillar of our company: "Treat people like we want to be treated." 

The most significant business decisions are made with our people in mind.

We break the traditional profit business model because more than a source of revenue for the owners, we visualize Inouii focusing on as the starting point of transforming lives, serving our customers while we are looking after our workers. We believe Inouii is a tool for having a positive impact on the lives of many.

At Inouii, we love people for who they are, and we treat everyone equally. 

We believe that giving people the opportunities they need to thrive contributes to their prosperity and that of the company. 

Inouii is a place of second chances.


At Inouii we lead by example with the firm conviction that we are developing future leaders.


We foster a teamwork culture, which promotes a wider sense of ownership, responsibility, and success for every member of the company.


At Inouii, “Family must come first”, and our team members’ families become part of our company’s concerns.  

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