At Inouii Alloy Fabrication Inc, safety is the foundation of our culture. We select our team members with the expectation of excellence. Our team is incredibly important to us; therefore, we ensure we give them every opportunity to succeed in all their endeavors.  At Inouii, safety is vital at all levels. Management ensures the crews are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a safety-minded workforce. We understand the value of a safety empowered group. Safety does not happen by accident. Inouii has a true safety culture!

Safety Culture Vs. Safety Climate 

Safety culture is built and sustained over time. Safety climate is a snapshot of perceptions at a single moment in time. If the safety climate is consistently positive over multiple points in time, as positive behaviors and attitudes are consistently reinforced, it will have an inevitable impact on the safety culture.

Inouii is an example that if you continue to set the climate, treat your team with respect, provide training, and empower your employees to do the right thing, you will establish and maintain a strong safety culture. 

Our health and safety programs are successful through training and procedures:

  • Employee safety incentives through participation
  • Pre-project / pre-risk planning
  • Health and safety / job hazard analysis
  • Site safety audits and inspections
  • Orientation / training
  • Accident and incident investigation to develop lessons learned
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • CPR, AED, and first aid training

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